How to pass a piss test is something that can be achieved by using various methods. The best way to learn how to pass a piss test is to understand that it is not all that difficult to dilute urine. Just drink loads and loads of water in the lead up to the test. You can also take Midol to help you. Now you have got to remember that while you may have succeeded in diluting your piss sufficiently to pass the drug test you might raise suspicion by the absolutely colourless nature of your sample. So you might want to take vitamin b complex to restore the color.

There are those who try things like substituting fake urine or the urine of somebody who is clean in place of one’s won. While this will definitely help you pass the test you may not be able to pull it off. One is also advised to never hand in the first urination of the day as the sample to be tested. Also when you do hand in the sample ensure that you don’t take it from the urine that first comes out, but from the middle of the process.

For those who would not want to go through the above rigmarole and would like to use a straight forward product that makes them pass the test without any fuss, they might want to go head and use Ultra Klean Detox drink which will clear your body of all toxins for a period if eight hours. What more would you want?

In the long run it would be a good idea to not only not do drugs but also maintain a healthy regime of high fiber food, drinking plenty of water and exercise. This way you would have no difficulty in passing not just the piss test but any other drug test that may be thrown at you.

Also cleaning up one’s act will free one from constantly worrying about passing this test and that. Considering that one’s financial and material well being is so often dependent upon these tests, it is high time that we approached it with the right amount of seriousness. Though there is no doubt about the fact that an indiscriminate drug testing regime is causing turmoil among so many people because of its intrusive nature, one has no option but to find a way around it for it is not going away anywhere and is here to stay. So rather than mope about it we should devise ways to face these tests head on. In the short run it is detox products and in the long run abstinence (from drugs).

How to pass a piss test may not be all that difficult to understand but that is not the only test that they can throw at you.